Welcome to REB Auto.  We have been restoring, rebuilding, customizing, and performing general bodywork on cars of all eras since 1971


We Specialize in:

      Disassembly of car as needed: Remove bumpers, chrome mouldings, glass, upholstery, motor and transmission.   Due to unforeseen rust problems, this process usually takes longer than originally expected.

     Partial or complete stripping depending on specifications set out by the customer: exterior, interior, undercarriage.

     Clean body, exposing any and all rusted or damaged areas.  Weld or bolt on new panels, fit as required, and fabricate metal as needed.

     Fitting and aligning as required, metal finishing on worked areas.  18 or 20 gauge metal shaped by an English Wheel, plennishing hammer, hammering, and/or a shrinker machine.

     All metal and aluminium fillers or lead work are used as required on the worked areas.  Final fitting time, treating, and seam sealing any hard to reach areas.  Metal finishing or lead work is optional.

     Etching, masking and cleaning prior to painting and block sanding.  Clean up, re-mask, re-primer and trace coat for final block sanding.  Tintable primer for final coating and wet or dry sanding are optional.

     Paint body chassis, fenders complete, doors, motor, trunk complete, inner hood and trunk.  DP90 Epoxy primer black.  Seam sealing, option on type of paint used.

     Re-assemble for final fitting.  Mask all painted areas, after wet sand clean up and wash down.  Re-mask out painted areas for final colour.  Colour coating is optional.

     Clean up paint and clear, allow one day for drying and curing.  Re wet-sand, clean up any old masking residue.  Re-mask for final clear coating.


Recent Updates:

February 6th 2006

Photos have been added to the 1964 Blue Mustang's page.
Photos have also been added to the 1964 Red Mustang's page.

October 10th 2005
Story and pictures added for 1940 Ford Pickup, Next and Previous buttons added to all projects pages for ease of navigation.

September 14th 2005

Entire website made wider to accommodate more information and pictures.  Stories added for 1961 Impala, 1962 T-Bird, Blue Mustang, and 1964 SS

August 17th 2005
More photos of projects added every day, today's additions are:
1930 Model A Ford Restoration, and 1964 SS Rebuild

July 2005
New REB Auto Website Launched



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